Let me try to talk to you about some things.

Muna raised her hand and scratched at a delicious itch on her chin.

When it stopped itching, she put her hand down and turned over on her side to sleep better…

Suddenly, there was a sharp flare of pain on her calf. She reached out to rub that too.

Not up to two seconds later, the side of her knee started to sting.

It would have been easy to stare but she didn’t want to.

She let him walk up to the counter, her face turned down, pretending she was busy with wiping the counter top down. She expected that he would state his order so that she could turn around to attend to it. But he said ‘hey’ instead.


For a moment, she…

“I want to see you the way I saw you two nights ago.”

This is how much I like you.

I want to hear you rattle the padlock on the stairway outside.

I want to come out and see that it’s you.

I want to be surprised when I see you, but not really…

I want to walk down the landing, smiling.


For a long time, I had an issue with the church.

… and people who preached Christianity. Pastors, elders, popes, priests, congregations, choir members, even instrumentalists. I thought they were all phony. And I was upset because I was being forced to sit with them and watch them be hypocrites.

My issue was that first off, the message they preached made…

If we cannot enforce our Nigerian rights; can we truly say that we have them?

For the average Nigerian, it is a passed down and generally accepted, pseudo-traditional custom that the next decision to take after throwing your grad cap in the air is “What company can I sell my skills to?” The exceptionally low level of minimum wage however, set at N18,000, has been…

Tochi Biko

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